We create original concepts for a long-term relationship

Barrik focuses on developing creative and unique concepts. Transparency and open communication during the process are our core values to build a lasting relationship.

Our mission

Barrik invents, realizes and guarantees groundbreaking experience concepts for medium and large SMEs that want to stand out. Every event deserves to be unforgettable - never to be forgotten!

Events tailored to the business of our clients with the aim of maximizing the identity, visibility and philosophy of the company.

Our vision

Unbridled creativity of our founders as cross-thinkers and daredevils is the basis for this unique concept complemented by tight project management, intensive quality control and complete transparency. Our employees and partners are driven, professional and customer-oriented until the last minute. We are not trend followers but trendsetters in our industry.

Our values

We do business from a tremendous passion for our profession which is unique and as a result we will always offer customized solutions, each concept is groundbreaking.

Transparency, quality and sustainable relationships with all our stakeholders are our top priorities and you will continue to encounter them in all facets of our cooperation.

Sustainable ideology

Our events are always developed with the utmost care for people, society and the environment. In this way, the sustainable ideology plays a central role in our events. To support this, we have a partnership with Goodplanet.

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For each project, we make a financial contribution to Goodplanet to strengthen their operations. On the other hand, we aim to collaborate on coaching and advice in order to organize our events in the most sustainable way. We are also convinced that cooperation between Barrík and Goodplanet will result in new and sustainable concepts.

GoodPlanet Belgium inspires young and old to realize a sustainable society. A healthy planet, where everyone can live well, today and tomorrow. A GoodPlanet.
Through various projects, campaigns and workshops they spread knowledge and plant seeds for change. They make the ideas behind sustainable development concrete, achievable and attractive. Always with a positive outlook and a hopeful approach.

Let's create something special

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