To create a
never-to-be-forgotten experience? That’s Barrik!



Gwendolyn Wieland, tower of strength. She can handle any decorative, creative or logistic challenge! With her attention to detail she sees every event through! On top of that,she greatly values structure and responsibility. No worries; Gwendolyn has got your project entirely covered.

Ward Vermesen


As an organized all-rounder, Ward Vermesen is always looking for the best way to go for his clients. Creativity, flexibility, independence and empathy are typically Ward. No stress; with Ward on board, your event is guaranteed to be a success!

Unique & groundbreaking

To boldly go where no man has gone before. We may not be astronauts, but we go to great lengths to turn your idea into an unforgettable experience. From creative concept to organizational execution, we do the heavy lifting. Fully in consultation with you, and according to your values and goals.

Transparent from start to finish

The secret to our lasting relationship is transparent communication from start to finish. No surprises, what you see is what you get!

Events are our passion

Events are the air we breathe. Literally then. We get up and go to sleep with your idea. On good nights, we even dream about it. For 12 years this has been our absolute passion and every day we become even more fanatical. Trust us with your idea, we make dreams come true!

Kick-ass creative event concepts

Barrik goes the extra mile: always one step further and always a little bit more. Ready to be blown off your socks by our out of the box, creative concepts that make your event sparkle? We combine all of this during our hyper transparent and fluent collaboration.

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