Sales and Training Days and Family Day

“Kemin Industries celebrated … and Barrík hung the garlands!

During our festival of life event, Kemin Industries blew out 50 candles in Europe – and even 61 in America. Cheers! “

The setup

We invited hundreds of revelers to an oasis of green at Kemin headquarters. And what could be better than celebrating for a whole day? Three days of celebrating!

The concept

First, for two days we brought together more than 150 sales and marketing colleagues and distributors from all over the world. We treated them to a tour of the building, a wall of Kemin through the years as well as the launch of a new product. The international gang concluded with a purely Belgian workshop with chocolate and beer. Yummy.

The essentials for the family day? Children’s entertainment, tasty food stands and socializing.

Kim Verschueren

“Gwendolyn and Ward managed to work out a beautiful overall concept based on “vague idea,” keeping not one but two themes in mind. It became a top event with a beautiful decoration, completely in line with what we had in mind. There is clear communication about budget and agreements with suppliers. Unexpected problems are solved in a snap by their teamwork, network and out-of-the-box thinking, always with the necessary humor and sympathy.”

More than 400 colleagues threw up their screens and keyboards after a long period of working from home and chatted face to face.

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