Sporza Winter Circus World Cup Soccer

Celebrating the World Cup in winter? Count on yes! We created a warm home for all soccer fans at the Sporza Winter Circus.

The setup

For no less than 29 production days, we took care of everything concerning the experience, catering, audience flow and hospitality in and around the Sporza World Cup studio. If you add up all the days of assembly, disassembly and the event itself, we were active for no less than 50 (!) days to turn this historic hull location in Ghent into a true experience arena. A central place where all kinds of media channels, analysts and the general public came together for 4 weeks.

One team

The collaboration with the entire VRT and Sporza team was one to remember. Together we set up a real supporters’ village. Here the visitors could nail-bite, cheer, celebrate, chill, pronounce and flush the match to their heart’s content. The thousands of visitors were the icing on the cake.

Christine Maes

“Thanks to Barrik’s team, we managed to turn the World Cup and the Winter Circus in Ghent into a unified TV program and event with natural integration of numerous partners within an extremely short time frame. A top team, no question or assignment is too much for them. Customer-friendliness and flexibiity are clearly top priorities for them.”

With the World Cup behind us, we too played our dream final at Barrík in 2022.

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