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Straight Experience Day

From an Oystery Experience to Wout Bru on your plate. What a fantastic experience for all the participants!

Kick-start of the day

In Yerseke at the Oyster Factory, where a walk through the Oyster Pits revealed all its (historical) secrets. After a delicious ‘Fruits de mer’ platter, we moved with the guests towards the harbor to go up to the breeding grounds. Wearing wading suits, the guests literally walked through the Oosterschelde to the breeding grounds and discovered all about the breeding processes.

Next up?

In the beautiful building of Burgio Vini, chef Wout Bru was on hand with top sommelier Gianluca Di Taranto to provide guests with an exclusive food & wine experience throughout the evening.

Jo Hendrickx

“Barrik is a fixture for us and a strong partner. They understand exactly what we need for our customers. They empathize, they understand our culture and our value proposition. The team at Barrik is enormously creative, positive and active. No question is too much for them. Both Ward and Gwendolyn, apart from being incredibly nice people, are two top professionals. We cannot but warmly recommend them. Every activity they have done for us so far has been a great success. Thanks for that. We look forward to a long-term partnership.”

Many connecting conversations later, everyone was brought back home with smiles on their faces.

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